A R T  G A L L E R Y  I N  H E R N E  B A Y

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The death of my lovely sister Rosalyn early in 2000 shaped this tree

themed imagery for some time.


Religion which stirred in me during my two years at the British

School in Rome (1983 -1985) resurfaces repeatedly in the work

and most recently in ‘The Road to Santiago’ series (2019)

which was inspired by my friend Torin Brown’s Camino pilgrimage.


In 2002 Terry Sole came into my broken life and helped the healing.

The majority of these exhibited works are, therefore, produced in two

mainly happier decades.


My sadness at the death of my mother in 2011 and my close friend Hazel Seaton in 2017 influence

the work, and sometimes the lack of it.

This exhibition only touches the surface of twenty years, and includes studio views and still life;

travel inspired works; the economic crash of 2009; portraits of myself and my sisters and

fun loving cats.


I have continued to produce constructions www.wildeconstructions.co.uk  

and sculptural ceramics, some of which are included in this exhibition which runs until 23rd November,

Fridays and Saturdays 11:00 - 5:00pm at OneNewStreet Art Gallery in Herne Bay, Kent






Helen Wilde

The Last Twenty Years

Many years ago I was told that I think too much but that has been the essence of my creativity.


In 1999 I began working on a tree inspired series of works including ‘The Millennium Tree’

with two thousand falling leaves.  













East street studio millenium tree

The Millenium Tree

The pictures are cropped for the gallery display and so do not represent the complete image.

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